Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pappula Podi

If you have been to an Andhra restaurant you wil notice an yellow coor powder along with pickles on each tabe. This is one of the standard powder (in telugu powder is called podi). We call this 'Pappula Podi'.
We used to make this at home regularly and refill it whenever it gets over... it is mixed with rice and oil/ hot ghee. In the podi rice we mix it with mango pickle also and eat. Sometimes we eat with rice, curd and podi. It is the instant food you can have when you are hungry.

Dalia - 2 cups
Red dry chillies - 10 peices
Dry coconut - 10 peices
Salt to taste

1. Fry red chillies for a minute
2. Grind all the ingridients to a fine powder

Store in air tight container and eat with rice by adding litte oil or ghee.

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Happy Women said...

Can you tell me cocunut pieces means, of which size?